Make Love Not War

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I just added a brand new sexy gallery yesterday called “Make Love Not War” dedicated to all of our troops and how I feel about the war. Too many are dying, too many are coming back deaf, in wheelchairs, personalities changed for good, and civilians… many of which are children are killed in the line of attack. My friend’s son was hurt and lost some of his hearing, they would not send him home. He stayed, recovered as best he could and was put back out again. The invasion of Iraq began March 20, 2003, over four years ago. There were reports that troops purchased (and/or family/friends did) their own gear as they were provided with inadequate protection; they had less than optimally-maintained armored vehicles to protect them, and upon many of their deaths, they were shipped back to the United States as cargo on commercial airliners. It’s amazing how many articles I have come across of pleas from our own congressmen and women calling for our troops to come home yet nothing. When will Mr. Bush listen?? Over the years I have recieved e-mails from soldiers overseas or about to leave for Iraq that broke my heart, the fear and sadness I could sense from the words they wrote even through the pride of being an American and for most all they want to do is make love not war.

There is much that has been going on with me, good things to report but for today I will end my blog on my thoughts above.

Thank you for the great time at my live cam show last night. The show will be added to my cam archive today.

Sending lots of lovin’ your way!!

Kisses all over ~ Catalina

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