Letting their hubbys or boyfriends in the back door

Good Morning! How are you? I know it is Monday and this day sucks for many so let’s make it at least interesting and talk about anal sex for a few moments. I know some women are cringing right now. I have a many girlfriends that will not even think about letting their hubbys or boyfriends in the back door. Let me try and unlock the back door though for a bit. I never thought ever that I would enjoy anal sex but to my surprise I have had orgasms from anal sex and it is wonderful if it is done right. For me, I have to be very aroused and lubed up. Very slowly and carefully open the back door not with force but with a gentle pushing ease that large key in. *wink* Once you have reached a swaying slow motion, you can pick up the speed a bit and remember to use your partners hands and your own for some rubbing on the front door (clitoris). I have also experimented with using toys and absolutely love it. I am finding that this is the number one most requested positon men ask for and enjoy. After nine years of recieving e-mails, polls, forum boards and taking requests I have learned a lot from you horny men and a lot of women for that matter too. I have gotten a lot of e-mails from women asking me why their boyfriends/husbands want anal sex so much and wanting to understand it. Please bare with me here, my members area fantasy board is way more descriptive than my blog. I encourage you to join for all the explicit tips and action, also get to interact and meet tons of others too.

Here are a few candid shots from my last shoot. I always have a great time on set, I absolutely love my job.

I recieved a ton of e-mails over my last blog entry. Thanks for the comments & thoughts.

See you at my next live cam show!

Have a good week… be safe and explore the back door. 🙂


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