I am headed to Vegas in the morning

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I am headed to Vegas in the morning. Taking off this weekend to play and have some summer fun. My girlfriend who lives in Las Vegas is having a birthday party on Saturday so I will be spending some time with her Saturday afternoon. Should be a good time and worry free.

I just added a brand new behind the scenes video of one of my last shoots where an assistant thought my little anal beads was a bracelet. I had a good laugh which was caught on tape. When I get the giggles, it’s hard to stop:) So, if you want some reality nude nonsense then check it out.

I got some e-mails and a few people were asking during my last cam show which was yesterday about the song I was playing while I was stripping and playing with my toy. It’s called “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder. It’s basically about cheating in a relationship but for some reason the song makes me very horny… I think it’s his voice that does the trick:) I had a very intense oragasm during the show. Good times! Thanks for spending time with me. My next show is Tuesday, July 31st.

Well, I am off now to get my things together and pack. I am going to hit the pillow early so tomorrow will come quicker:) I’ll tell you about my adventures when I return on Sunday.



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