I had my live cam show tonight just an hour ago.

I had my live cam show tonight just an hour ago. I thought I would write here while my thoughts are fresh. With one heel up on my desk the other heel planted firmly on the floor, remote in hand and my other hand pressing on my clit I managed to have a body shaking, squirting orgasm. Which if you have seen my orgasms before, you know that I am not a squirter on a normal basis. I ooze. Lately I have been squirting when I orgasm. It happens at the peak of my good feeling. It is amazing yet, I am apprehensive too because I am afraid of just how much or should I say how far it will explode. I am taking the time to be so descriptive because I get asked quite often if I squirt so I know there are a lot of people out there that are curious about the world of squirting. Since I have been in the adult business I have me woman that can squirt and I was never quite sure it it was real. I am archiving this show from tonight in the members area so if you missed it or want to see it you can. About 1200 people watched me live as my juicy orange squirted them in a close up shot. *wink*

The photo posted above is a photo from my very lastest photo gallery. Lots of pink shots in this one if you like that.

I have another live cam show Monday, the 31st so see you then if you can make it.


Catalina Cruz

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