Good Morning! No sunshine when I woke up

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Good Morning! No sunshine when I woke up this morning which is strange here in AZ. Last night the whole sky was lit up like fireworks with dramatic lightening. The winds are extremely high this morning and it’s very gloomy. Usually we get storms at night, this is eery but feels good to get a change in weather.

As long as the power doesn’t go out tonight I have my live cam show at 9pm est. I will be letting my fingers do the talking tonight and that doesn’t mean text messaging either. *wink* I need to release some built up energy so what better way to do it than live in front of a thousand or more people. lol Sometimes I think to myself what the hell am I thinking but it really is a turn on for me. I love to make people feel good whether that is helping them reach an orgasm or just making then smile or even laugh at me.

Laughter is so important to me. I get asked often what I find sexiest in men and that would be it, a nice smile and a great sense of humor. Life is just way to short and full of drama not to stop and enjoy. So, stop and smile at someone today for me. It probrably will make their day. I notice quite often just when I am simply running errands that more people than less look so irritated and grumpy. It’s just not the way to live.

Speaking of feeling good… the image posted above is my girlfriend, Dayton attempting to get her “License To Lick” She tested out her oral skills on me and passed with flying colors! This video is in the members area now to check out if you haven’t yet. In the next hour or so I have a brand new photoset going up. Just check out the whats new section when you can.

See you tonight:)


Catalina Cruz

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