My day was full of non-stop movement

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My day was full of non-stop movement. It feels like my body is still moving now even though my day is just about over. It was productive though so I’m happy about that. I have been editing a lot of video lately. I never though when I was younger that I would ever be editing pornos. It still blows me away! (no pun intended) I have also been busy getting Jessica Jaymes’s brand new official website launched. I am so proud of the work that has gone into it but Jessica makes it a breeze because her sex scenes turn to gold. I love watching her in action. There is still some tweeking to do and then I will let you all know her new web address. She’ll be totally interactive too like she has never before done.

The photo above is me goofing off during a live boy/girl cam show before Ariana took on the task of blowing three guys to get her official “License to Blow”. My friend said I looked adorable in the pic and he begged me to post it here so here ya go. Yes, I am guilty of being a flirt sometimes but trust me, I am a very good girl:)

My next live cam show is Tuesday, August 8th at 9pm est so if you are in the night and want a virtual lap dance and some close up cyber licks come and get some from yours truly. *wink*

I am off to get some zzzzz’s now. I am going to hit the pillow early tonight. I have to be up by 6am tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams!!



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