A Day in the Life

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I’m still trying to wake up. As I am rubbing my eyes, I look over ahead of me to see Carmella Bing on a big computer monitor mouth open wide sucking on a meaty lollipop. Another brand new boy-girl photoset getting ready to go up in the members area. This is how my mornings start. I get e-mails sometimes over how my daily life is. It’s interesting to the “normal” person working a mainstream job, although whats normal anymore:) My day will go like this… blogging, diary entry writing, video editing, going to fedex, record keeping and filing, break for lunch, then afternoon errands which includes last minute birthday surprises for Brandon (his b-day is tomorrow) then, more work… signing contract w/ moblie co., more editing and updates ect… then switching mode to family. Making dinner, going to motocross track to practice for the next race. Everyday can be different especially if I am shooting or we are planning shoots or if I have a live cam show.

Ok… this may have been a really bad idea to move to close to Las Vegas…. I am going back yet again at the beginning of July. Some friends have convinced me I just need to go to the UFC fight and actually get out and party in a huge suite so I guess if they twist my arm:) Video camera will be rolling this trip.

Just wanted to send you some lusty love today!

I am off now to keep the day running smooth.

Have a good one, the weekend is creeping up on you, so smile:)

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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