My best friend Amy

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Hey everyone….

I have rarely come to you for favors over the years because I have always felt weird in doing so. I have always been involved with different charities because it’s a way for me to give back and help and I love it.

My best friend who I went to high school with back in Ohio is doing a 3-day walk in Cleveland in August to raise money for breast cancer research. If you would please consider donating any amount to this cause I would be very grateful. You can put in any amount whether is $5.00 or if you can do more. You can do it anonymously or put something fun like “Team TaTas” or “Catalina’s Crew” or whatever you want. I want to cheer Amy up and it’s a chance for us all to give back a little.

Here is the link to her page…


Thank you for your help!! If you can’t no worries at all.

My live cam show from last week is archived now if you happened to miss it. It’s a creampie show with a very nice surprising messy ending. I think you may want to take a peek when you have an extra moment:) My next show is May 19th. I had to move some dates around a little so see you then!

Much love!!!! ~ Catalina

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