The bigger the better?

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I am reversing the question this time on you guys. I get asked just about every week, is bigger better when it comes to sex? My answer remains the same, which is to me it is the way you use what you have. To put it bluntly, I have used tiny little vibrators before and have gotten amazing orgams. I just used some magical rubbing techniques which would just be allternating between the toy and my fingers which are by the way very tiny too. Anyway, my point is a large rod is no better than a little one in my humble opinion. So, there seems to be some hype over BIG boobs going out of style?! Cleavage is so sexy and will never go out in my mind. Whether you have little hills or huge mountains, yum yum!! The curves are what make a woman. My mind started on this after seeing a video clip of an adult star pushing her boobs apart so she wouldn’t have cleavage. I was so confused and wanted her to put them back! lol Anyway, to each their own:)

Enjoy your weekend.

xoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

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