Catalina Cruz blow bang live cam event June 9, 2015

It’s time for me to get re-certified as a blow job instructor. I’ve been stamped as the queen of fellatio so now I must back that up:) For the first time ever, I will be doing a live blow bang June 9th, 2015. Join me for my live, wild cam show! If you can’t make it, you will not miss it because all of my live events are archived so you can watch them whenever you want to.

My upcoming live cam shows:
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 – Solo toy, chat & play show
Monday, June 8th, 2015 – Threesome show AJ Applegate & Catalina Cruz
Tuesday, June 9th, 2015- Catalina Cruz live blow bang

Have a great week!! Mine will be interesting, that is for sure. Hope to have you there cheering me on or simply watching and enjoying the action:)


Catalina Cruz

Special Live Event Catalina Cruz Blowbang HD Cam June 9, 2015

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8 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz blow bang live cam event June 9, 2015

  1. TR.Queen

    She is a real blow job instructor! So it is a good idea to see Catalina sucking on some different cocks! Maybe she will do a gangbang show in the future too!

  2. Mike

    I will be reupping my membership tonigt , and it’s largely due to the fact you will be doing a Blowbang scene. Your fans love and cherish you, Catalina! You have one of the most beautiful faces, and sexiest voices! You are so desirable! However, as a massive fan, the ” vanilla” sex is a bit of a turn- off at times( no offense). The fact you will be with 3 men, is one of the biggest turn on for me. I am hoping in the future, you will please do DP( your fans have been begging for years for this), and a gangbang scene! I really want to see you in harder scenes, it is such a massive turn-on! The more men you are with, the more desirable I find you!
    I would also love you to talk a little dirtier( hoping we get this on Tursday, I will be there live). Look at Jenna Haze for the amount of F bombs used. Please talk dirtier and nastier in your shows!!! Such a turn-on!
    Finally, would love to see a tropical threesome scene, with you under a waterfall with some attractive and buff men( look up Joe Manginello for looks of guys I want you to work with!
    Again- so excited for Tuesday! You are amazing to your fans, and such a sweetheart of a person! Can’t wait til Tuesday’s Blowbang! This will be your most popular scene you have ever done, I think! Hoping this is just the beginning of harder stuff! 😉

  3. Kanzov

    The cocksucking expert Catalina Cruz will do a blowbang?! Thank you Catalina! I hope she likes all the cumloads in her nice face!

  4. N.Y. CO

    Black cocks are involved in this performance?Would be magnificent! Catalina is far and away the best!

  5. Rick

    My cock is going to be so hard for this scene! Wish you would use my cock in the Blowbang scene!! Those guys have no idea how lucky they are! I admit it, I am envious!

  6. MIKEY

    Catalina, you are playing your career almost perfectly. Ignore the guys who want you to dive into gangbangs, etc. Maybe in the future, but the big turn on is that you are doing small steps each time, which is really unique. Maybe look at rubbing some cum into your pussy in the future or letting a guy finger you. Small steps, keeps the excitement.

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