Catalina Cruz Memorial Day Special

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While I do not like war because of the deaths and injuries it causes. I do have a lot of respect for those you serve and have served. It is the ultimate sacrifice. One that many do want to do because of the high risk. I salute all of you that choose or have chosen to give like this. Thinking of all that have lost their lives today on Memorial Day.

On a lighter note… Here are some screen shots from my last chat n play with my members. I made a special announcement during the show so if you want to be one of the first to hear it, you can now watch the show in the archive. It is going up later this morning. You can get to it from the main homepage of the most recent updates.

Lets all enjoy our day today but still take a moment to remember those who gave too:)

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Hope your week ends strong and happy. Stay positive no matter what:) Xo Catalina Cruz

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8 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Memorial Day Special

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