Catalina Cruz first time blow bang live on cam

It was a very interesting start of the week. As you can see from a few of my teaser photos here from my live event Tuesday. Since I have been dubbed the queen of fellatio because of my site Licensed to blow, it is time now to back it up. I invited two male porn stars to grade me on my skills and give me my very own license instead of me just giving them out. I have to admit, I was giggly and nervous before hand. I couldn’t of picked two better men to play with. The biggest turn on for me is a sense of humor especially when it is sincere. Marcus and Tony had just that along with being smooth gentlemen too. The whole video and photos will be going up very soon for members. If you missed this live show, you will be able to watch it anytime and as much as you want. I think you will love it. My mouth is a bit sore so I think it’s a good one:)
Catalina Cruz

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82 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz first time blow bang live on cam

  1. G.Boon

    hopefully there are soon repetitions of appearances of such kind. maybe with some black dicks? there can be no doubt that catalina cruz is the best. thank you for that act.

  2. Adrejew

    Catalina is a gorgeous woman & there are a lot of her fans that want her see her do some new things. She’s a solid anal performer, I’d just like to see her shoot a DP & an IR scene. She has one of the best bodies…

  3. FG

    4U DEROK: I don’t think that there is a pic set of her blowbang! I think you only can find it on!
    Besides she announced a blowbang with for cocks! Catalina takes pleasure in different dicks now!!!!

  4. k.ll

    I wish i could have chance to see her in a assive facial scene … even though she doesn’t like sperm on her pretty face..

  5. Freddie Holdsworth

    Catalina Cruz is a very beautiful woman! Her first blow bang live on cam is the best. I agree on a lot of 58 comments here! Her live shows are the best. She is so hot! I can’t wait till she gets gang banged! Only wish I’d been there, with Marcus London and Tony De Sergio, taking my turn to grade her on her skills and give her her very own licence instead of her just giving me out! Well done, Catalina Cruz! Good job! Thank you!

  6. VC

    4 dicks… she will do it with the friendly assistance of a professional! Far too many dicks for her sweet blow mouth. Although she is qualified for 4,5, 6, .. hard dicks without any help!

  7. growov

    Those lucky guys!This new stuff is really something! This was a great scene by Catalina Cruz. Thank you for that! I think it’s time she showed us her DP skills, or even a gangbang.

  8. gtr

    some comments here make too great demands. She is doing a great job with constant quality. She always shows sensitivity towards new ideas. Her next project (four cocks!)is a a remarkable advance.It seems that Catalina has a fancy for new dicks…

  9. Steve

    @gtr: lets hope she will be mad about changing cocks!
    @zT: I think she is peculiarly adapted for black cocks!
    With her new projects Catalina is headed in the right direction

  10. Rizza

    great blowbang scene! would love to see you having another cock on set..and different people to!. Love if ur beautiful breast gets all the cum!

  11. Frederick Holdsworth

    Good evening, Catalina Cruz! You see. The truth is I’m not a member of your official website and I haven’t seen your first blow bang live on cam scene. I am so sorry I let you down, ma’am. I will try to become a huge fan of yours from England. I’m a huge admirer of your career. Great blow bang scene! I would love to see you have another cock on set and different people too! I love if your beautiful breasts gets all the cum!

  12. J.P.H.

    It seems that she is without any compulsion or dictates relating to her fantastic work. Please keep up the good work, Catalina and set your own limits!

  13. TR.O

    I hope we do not expect too much of this wonderful woman. I mean demands like gangbangs and so on… are vehement challenges.She should stay true to her own principles. She is on the right track (for example with her announced blow on 4 cocks show in the near future!)

  14. volu

    Let us hope for the best and Catalina Cruz will be the principal actress for coming blowbang shows! In spite of the friendly assistance of some cute girls the full load of warm goo should be focused on her. The boys hopefully know what to do in the right moment.

  15. joel

    she looks sooooooo amazing… soooooo hot… absolute gorgeous …
    and she is supposed to suck on big dicks…

  16. MOLUV

    I wonder how many dicks she has had in real life? A great woman. She absolutley beautiful and she enjoys her scenes. Her eye contact is unmatched.

  17. MOWOW

    She’s one of a kind. She always does a bang-up job. Many thanks! She is full of surprises! I hope she will carry on business and surprise us with new ideas in the near future. Her blowbang shows are a auspicious beginning!!

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