Catalina Cruz wishing you Happy Holidays

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I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday! I know the holidays can sometimes be nuts and stressful for many so hopefully I can bring a smile to your face right now. I wish you peace, love, happiness and a good orgasm too. If you are going through a tough time, know you are loved and I believe time heals everything so make sure to think positive and look ahead no matter what.

I love my members and fans so much and you know I love spoiling you all year round. Make sure to log into or join my site to see all the new presents I have for you! I just opened up a brand new site for you to view for free. My girlfriend, Jasmine Black’s videos and photos is now opened up for the holidays along with my three new virtual reality sites too very recently. I hope you will enjoy all of it!

My next live members cam show will be Saturday, December 30th at 1pm ET It is a boy/girl forbidden sweet spot show (anal sex play) to bring in the New Year with a bang! Come watch, play and chat with me before and after the sex show.
Happy Holidays everyone!!! Thank you for lighting up my life. Catalina Cruz

12 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz wishing you Happy Holidays

  1. Ben

    Wow!! Just. Wow!!! Cat- I hope you have a safe and wonderful time in the new place. I’m sure it’s hard to move from a place for so long, but new memories are forging ahead in your new place. Congrats on all of your hard earned success.
    What happened with the contest winner? Who won? The idea of being on set with you is a fantasy I can’t even describe. I truly envy the man( or woman) who gets to be on set with you.

  2. Johnerson

    She is beautiful. when will there be a new blowbang show. I hope soon … any announcements for the coming year? Happy holydays for you, Catalina!

  3. Renzovokov

    Happy new year Catalina.
    my wishlist for 2018:
    bukkake show with you 😉
    more blowbang action
    thanks for your work!

  4. alexo

    I also wish you happy holidays and a lot of good IR shows this year! Thank you for your great work for your fans!

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