Catalina Cruz set for some dp love live on cam January 16, 2018

I hope you all are starting off this new year positively. Everything is definitely new for me this year as I am all moved now and have sold my home. I found out this morning from my old neighbors that my home went to family that really needs the room. I love hearing this and now I’m more than happy to have left. Makes me feel good to know this. I met one of my new neighbors already and she seems laid back and sweet. It’s a quiet area so I have to be extra good. I am not a party girl anyway unless I am in Vegas. 🙂

Speaking of Vegas…. I will be leaving soon for a work/play trip. Which comes to my announcement for members. I will be doing my very first two guy DP January 16th at 7pm ET. A kinky way to bring in 2018. I have never experienced a dp in my personal life so this will be the first ever and its happening in front of you live too. I of courses, as always get butterflies as it is a first day a school or something. lol One of my biggest fantasies is a threesome so this is like putting the cherry on top times two! It is only 10 days away so come join my site to watch us live. If you can’t make it, the scene will be released in both 4k and virtual reality too.

Stay warm and safe! I cannot believe how extreme the weather is on the East Coast right now. I hope this passes quickly for all of you. I know for me, I freak out when I’m freezing. I can take the heat but cold I’m gone. Sending you a lot of love and warmth where you need it!

I’ll be live tomorrow, Saturday for a boy/girl live show and then January 16th for my very first DP show. Hope to have you there! Catalina Cruz

9 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz set for some dp love live on cam January 16, 2018

  1. luru94

    Dear Catalina,

    I was waiting for so long ! Please make “Catalina Great Again”. Let us enjoy long and nice DPs, we love the fact you are not using condoms. We hope your body will be so nice to see, sandwiched between 2 guys, between 2 cocks. We hope for many positions, your pussy and ass being used for a long time. Thank you for all Catalina.

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