Catalina Cruz new virtual reality scene + toy drive

It is the holiday season and Christmas is just about here for those that celebrate. There are so many families that really need some help to give their kids a Merry Christmas. Every year I buy toys and take them to my local fire station. I want to include all of you this year too. For every member that signs up to my official website from now until December 18, 2017 I will buy a new toy to be taken and dropped off to my local fire station to help families that are in my area. I will take some photos and post them on twitter and here before I drop them off at the end. Let’s give some parents some relief this year. My trial membership is included too so you don’t even have to spend a lot.

A new VR video just went up for members! I hope you are loving all the virtual reality inside. It really is a cool experience. Here are a few screen shots from my last live members show. I have a special holiday show coming up so make sure to check my cam schedule for it. I may have to move the date a little due to possibly moving. I should know hopefully today whether I am moving or not. It is all up in the air right now. Just a little heads up.

Hope to see you inside my sites soon. Remember the toy drive will go on until Dec. 18th until 2pm ET. For every person that joins until then I will donate a new toy to my local fire station. We all help and I get to see the sexy firefighters in person and say hello:)

Love, Catalina Cruz

8 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz new virtual reality scene + toy drive

  1. Ben

    Can you please work with Janet Mason? She is so damn gorgeous. I dream of seeing a scene with the wo of you in a blowbang or gangbang together. Here is her twitter. Can you please contact her?


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