I see your lips moving but I don’t hear nothing

I see your lips moving but I don’t hear nothing, everybody talking like they really know something about us. Why, oh why do people go out of there way to try to bring us down…. Lyrics of Brooke Hogan’s “About Us” song. I really love the song and the lyrics. Thinking of her brother Nick today and his friend who were in a horrible car crash Sunday. My thoughts are with them.

I have been playing all my favorite songs while I am working on my next video update for all of you. It’s a brand new boy-girl movie surely to help you relax on this manic Monday. Welcome to all of my new members! Yesterday was a very horny Sunday and a lot of you came to play and signed up. I hope you are enjoying the brand new websites I just added. Now you have access to my bj site, licensedtoblow.com too!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend… Saturday night I had friends over again for the UFC fight. We had tons of party trays, made yummy margaritas on the rocks and laughed our booties off. Of course not during the very bloody main event though! ouchhhhhh. I had to look away a few times. It was nice to be around down to earth, real people though. I needed a night like that.

Just wanted to pop in to say hi and send my love.



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