If you would like to see my bare legs and more

Good Morning! I did not sleep very well last night due to my ass and legs being sore. No, not from sex…. although thats a great workout too. On Tuesday, I did a ton of walking leg lunges, stiff legged dead lifts and squats. It hurts to walk and sit now. lol It’s a good sore… but, I may have over done it which I know isn’t good. So, I’m giving it two days rest before I do legs again. I miss my fitness magazine days a bit. I got an e-mail recently over the Ironman layout I did back in the “JennaZ” days. I love that magazine, great company. They treated me very well and it was an honor to be in that mag.

If you would like to see my bare legs and more I just added another brand new erotic toy photoset called Pleasure Time for members and a new hot gym sex video of my girlfriend, Austin. My members area is getting daily updates now between my updates and all of the rest of the other websites too. If you go to my whats new page in the members area there are two sets of updates. The graphic buttons at the top and then the text updates below. I hope you are enjoying yourself:)

Stay cool today… I am staying out of the heat here in AZ. I am so looking forward to the fall and football season which starts soon!! YES!!

Until next time…



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