“caught on tape” action to share

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Good Morning! I slept as hard as a rock last night, didn’t get up at all. It must of been the action that took place during my live cam show last night that did the trick. I was your sexy secretary with full pantyhose on which I happen to ripped open right where I needed to during the show. If you happened to miss last nights show you might want to check it out later when you have time. Let’s just say I was a very juicy squirting orange. I will have it up this morning in the members area.

So, for the past two days we have had porn shoots going on in LA. The first day went very smooth and I can’t wait to see the sexy action and share it with you! I have some very interesting behind the scenes “caught on tape” action to share too. We got a call last night about 8pm after a long day from our director upset about the last scene that he did because the girl came all lushed up, stealing alcohol from the location home, very beligerant, swearing left and right to anyone and anything. The bad news for her is that we always have a behind the scenes camera running so it was all caught on tape. Oops for her! I will have the tapes tomorrow so it should definitely be interesting to review, entertaining to many, yet very sad to me.

Well, I have to run for now. I have a lot I want to get accomplished today. Have a wonderful day! Smile for me:)

xoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

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