I have a rather horny guy in my office

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As I am about to write my blog… I have a rather horny guy in my office right now sporting a woody aka a hard on. I will let him get more aroused before I “do work”:) If you don’t know yet, I absolutely love oral sex. Maybe that is why LicensedtoBlow.com was born. Monday and Tuesday are going to be dedicated to oral sex! Eight new girls will get their official “Licensed to Blow”. All the new scenes will be added to the site soon. Two of my favorite performers are working together Monday, Austin Kincaid and Will Powers. I can’t wait to see Austin’s mouth filled with power. I know, I know… I have a dirty little mind.

Today, I am doing some video editing and writing and then I am off to play. I am going shopping and stopping at some point for ice cream. Typical, girly stuff… what else is fucking new, I can hear you now:)

The construction in my backyard is finally done today! I am so happy, but I think my neighbors are happier than I am. I think they were a bit annoyed. I’ll have to invite them over for some drinks

I changed my live cam show to Tuesday, October 16th at 8pm est. See you there!


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