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Before I leave for Vegas, I leave you with a teaser screen shot from one of my newest video. Brooke & I gave some private french lessons together and tagged teamed a hard cock. 

So, I have been playing in private one on one cam shows recently. Have done it twice so far. I always wondered what they were like since I had never done them. I have girlfriends that have done them for many many years. I can tell you, they are more satisfying for me than I had thought. lol I really enjoyed spending quality time one on one with fans that have followed me for a long time and some new ppl too. It was very inimate and kinky.  When I get back after Monday, the 12th I will schedule to be on more as I know many were disspointed they missed me. You also can request an appt with me too on privatecamz. If I am available I will approve it. If not, I will deny it and you can try another day/time.  You also can email me for details.

Wish me lots of Blackjacks! I am off to play. Follow me on twitter for some Vegas pics while I am away.


Catalina Cruz

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  1. Thomas Brokekaw

    Dear Catalina; I am waiting for a tissue match and a the death of a large black man. I plan to get a penis transplant soon ! If U can get your breasts made larger then there is no reason for me not to have a 16 inche dick ! I can’t wait to have my towering dick photographed and displayed every where on the internet……………all the best…………from…………..Thomas

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