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I cannot believe how often I think about sex! I had to go out early this morning to drop my car off for a scheduled appt. and seriously from the time I left to the time I picked it up, about an hour and a half sex was on my mind. Different senarios, I guess its normal because of what I of course do for a living but I was getting so turned on which can be a distraction when driving especially if there is traffic and its stop and go. All is good and got home safely so no harm done. lol

I wasted some time by picking up some sexy outfits for my Las Vegas trip this week.  I got a request from someone for me to put a cam down by my boobs and see how many people look down at the camera while I am walking around in Vegas. lol What you all dont know is just how freakin shy I am. I have sex for the world to see online but I blush heavily with certain things like this. Maybe I will break out of my shell though and go for it. haha

Here is a pic of me at the shopping center today while waiting to pick up my car and then picking up my car afterwards. I feel like you guys are with me everywhere I go. lol

Have a smooth week and stay happy!

Catalina Cruz

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2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Sex

  1. peibol

    Hi I would like to connect with Catalina or know how I can contact her and do not speak Spanish very well English, I want her to answer some questions about sex

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