Bowling boobs

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I hope you all had a long relaxing weekend. Mine was fun filled and productive too. I went bowling yesterday for something different. I basically suck at it but it was a good time and laughs. Later on, slipped on a bikini and took a dip in my pool with my family and we fired up the grill. The evening before that one we made s’mores in the fire pit. I LOVE chocolate!! Thats the way to seduce me, just break out the chocolate and I am there in an instant. I swear it is an aphrodisiac!

Now it’s time to get back into a groove… I’m adding a sweet “Country Gal” explicit photoset today for you. Sweet and innocent looking but ready to get down and dirty in the hay with you kind of look. I remember being so horny when I shot these photos. My sweet pink thing wanted a cowboy stud to pop my cherry:) Check the new gallery out when you are needing to pop.

Today starts the beginning of a tropical oasis in my backyard. I’m giving my pool area a makeover. I’m really excited about it, the whole process will take about a month or so. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time so I said what am I waiting for and took the plunge. I am a fan of HGTV when I have time to watch it. I’ll post some pics as the process goes along and then some before and after ones too. It will be a big natural rock grotto, two waterfalls, and a slide. Should be pretty cool and another place to get naughty and have sex too. 🙂

OK… I am getting distracted now… I was just called over to view this four way orgy scene. YUMMMMMMMMMM The beginnning is goofy as in typical porn movies but the sex is way hot! I am starting to throb myself… I’ll share it with you in the members area as soon as I get it all ready.

Have a great week. It’s already Tuesday so smile:)

Lots of Love!!!



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