Friday the 13th!

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Friday the 13th! I was fine with the date until I saw an article about the asteroid that supposively going to hit earth in 2039. I will go with the statement someone made that we all have a better chance of hitting the lottery before I go with dying in 2039. I am enjoying myself too much. Speaking of enjoying myself, thats exactly what I did in the teaser photos above. Check the whole pink set when you have time.

Just a reminder, I have a special girl/girl live webcam show April 16th with Austin Kincaid and myself. Since it will be live in the afternoon at 4pm est I will be archiving it as well as making it available for download too. I have read all the request on my Fantasy Board inside the members area so especially for these special shows I will be doing both versions. Maybe this will calm down your appetites. *wink*

I wrote in my naughty diary today for members only. I think you will find my entry interesting and entertaining. E-mail me with your thoughts.

Enjoy your weekend! Relax!

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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