I was a bit tipsy.

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Hi! How’s it going? I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Mine was an adventure and I had a great time. On Saturday, I went to an adult webmaster convention here in Arizona. I seldom drink and lets just say I was a bit tipsy. (Thanks to Vegas Ken, Nilla and Stewie for the shots, and sake… my oh my was that strong) I had such a great time, actual played in a poker tournament. Never, ever played poker a day in my life but have watched others play before. I must of played a good 2-3 hours. I caught on quickly and even broke out the sun glasses so no one could see my eyes. lol I was being such a silly, drunk girl. I had a good time being the only girl at my table. I met a lot of great people over the weekend, I am happy I went. We had a “Fantasy Girl” team playing dodgeball but we lost in the first round, all the girls were completely nude by the end which was a sight to see and entertaining. Here is a pic above of Jena Kay and I after the dogdeball event. One fine body that girl has:)

I have many candid photos from the weekend that I will be adding to my candid section in the members area. I have a LIVE girl/girl cam show Monday, April 16th with Austin Kincaid. Let’s see if she passes her Licensed to Lick test. I will be the tootsie pop! Mark your calendars and come on in and have some fun with us.

I am off now to edit some kinky videos for you all…. Have a good one today!

xoxo!! ~ Catalina Cruz

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