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So, yesterday people were asking me specifically on twitter and through email what had happened since I was venting about my neighbors. I came home yesterday from running errands and one of my neighbors came over to mention that they had trouble emptying their pool and was just worried that their was water in my yard which was no big deal at all to me. Then, she mentioned to me that there was talk at a Halloween party about my family and it was brought up what I do for a living. Basically, there is a feeling that since we are in the adult business, some may not feel comfortable with having their kids over or around my family. It’s the most ridiculous, rudest, most judgmental thing I’ve heard in a long while. I thought America had come much further in their open mindedness and sexuality and understanding that its adult entertainment for adults only. Not to mention is a legal business. As I always say, sex and being in the adult business does not define a person. It does not make you a rapist, drug addict, child molester, any kind of illegal activity you can think of. I think you get my point. I’m so tired of feeling like I am walking around with the scarlet letter on. All you parents that are telling your own not to play with mine please listen and know that all I feel you are doing is teaching your own children to be arrogant and judgmental. All I ask, if you happen to be reading this is to not judge a another’s life and think you know the way it is. To understand a man, you’ve got to walk a mile in his shoes, whether they fit or not.

Ok, now for adults that enjoy my site… The brand new LIVE cam network Sweet Fantasy Cams is now open for members! I will be doing the three shows below on it. A reminder that this coming Monday, November 22nd Sienna West is coming back LIVE with me! Here is the live cam schedule for this Monday:

Catalina Cruz – Live solo nude chat – 3pm est

Catalina & Sienna & Brandon – Live Double BJ Cam Part two – 5pm est

Catalina Cruz & Sienna West – Live girl/girl show Part two – 7pm est

I also have a members only solo show as well tomorrow night at 8pm est! Hope to many of you there!


Catalina Cruz

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