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Im home from another live show adventure in Vegas. I always feel like the guys from The Hangover when we first start out our trip. Never quite knowing whats going to happen or not happen. The live shows I streamed from Vegas went smooth minus when I tried to bring the video camera out into the balcony. Unplugged all the cords by accident But, on a happy note the live tea bagging was a blast.. literally. Two of the shows were boy/girl. All four shows will be archived in HD. One of the solo shows is already up as well some photos too.

The last day we were we introduced Morgan, my girlfriend/makeup artist to the world of Blackjack. I could tell she was very intimidated by the card tables so she used my chips She picked it up quicker than I did in the beginning. It was a good time and we did hit a progressive jackpot on a slot so that was a thrill. It was a small one but was exciting. I am not a heavy better. I’ve seen way too many people lose everything with gambling. I go with money to have fun with and that’s it. Plus, to me if I am going to drink its much safer and wiser to do it there where you can walk, take taxis ect.. instead of getting a DUI.

Here are a handful of candids from two of the days I was there.

My next live show is November 11th at 9pm est. Also, a heads up for all of you Sienna West fans.. we will be doing some live events together again this month. Stay tuned for dates!


Catalina Cruz

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6 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz live ass play

  1. joe webb

    Please do more hardcore movies. You are so beautiful. Please do not waste it on girl/girl. You are one of a kind and the more hardcore you do the more popular you will get!!!! PLEASE!!!

  2. Kel

    Can you shoot a hardcore with a different guy? To make things variety and hot. Even trade since he gets girls as well.

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