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With every career/job you have to take the good with the bad. Over the years I’ve been asked the question what is the best thing that has ever happened to you and the worst while working in adult? Recently on twitter I was asked this again so here are my thoughts and answers…

I’ll start with the worst things that have ever happened to me being in the adult business and save the best for last. Let me say even the worst things to me happened for a reason and lessons are always learned even in bad times. One of the worst things in my mind is losing some family due to what I’ve chosen to do. Some people assume your life is a certain way when its truly not. I also went through a two year court battle over my decision to have and run adult websites. It was settled and it worked out in my favor in the end but it was one of the hardest situations to go through. Another is having people try to take advantage of you when they find out you have some financial success. I am a huge giver and love to help others and had to learn the hard way a few times that there are some that will take advantage of that fact.

On to the best things that have happened to me since Ive been having sex online for the world to see… I love that I have chosen to work solely for myself and have the freedom to set my own schedule and be my own boss which to me is priceless. Although over the years I have worked day and night sometimes it still was up to me when to stop or start. Another best for me is in a strange way being naked in front of others has boosted my self confidence and helped my self esteem. I am comfortable in my own skin, more than I was before I started this web adventure. Coming from a relationship many years ago where I was told to keep my hair short and didn’t have much freedom it was liberating for me to do porn. Meeting people from all over the world is something I would definitely not have gotten to do if I didn’t go down this path. I love all the very different people that Ive gotten a chance to meet even if it was just briefly. The internet still amazes me even now how it brings people together.

I could go on and on, there are more positives in my mind than negatives maybe that’s why I’ve stayed and keep going. Do good things always have to end? Not until you want them to.

I hope all you daddies out there had a relaxing Father’s Day yesterday!

My next live show is coming this Wednesday. June 22nd at 7pm est. Get naked and come chat with me!


Catalina Cruz

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3 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz working in adult

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  2. Marky..aka..Doeboy

    and u got to know me along time ago and im still here. best thing that happened to me

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