Catalina Cruz loves California

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I had some wild dreams last night, not sexual this time which is dissapointing of course. Some family was in them that I havent seen in years. It was strange to me because I wasn’t thinking about this cousin at all before bed or anything. Our minds are so powerful and strange how they work. I have a book somewhere where you can look up what your dreams mean, I’ll have to break it out and look it up.

Later this morning, I’m leaving for California for a mx race. It’s the first time I will be actual camping in a toy hauler! I’ve never been a camping type of girl to be honest. It’s not because I don’t want to just never have or took the time to. Just always stayed in hotels so its going to be an adventure for me. I stocked it up yesterday with food and everything we need. I’ll take some photos during the trip for you.

Here are some very tame pics from Monday & Tuesday’s live sex cam shows. It was a sexathon, eight live shows total went on. Each day I did a threesome live show. All the shows will be up for members to view if you missed them soon. The girls wore me out and I loved it!

My next special live show is June 15th and will be a live anal sex show. I know many of you love to watch me get kinky and since I don’t do it all the time I get even more excited to do it. Hope to see you there!!

Sending lots of love as always!!! xoxoxo

Catalina Cruz

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6 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz loves California

  1. HolyF.

    Catalina, your shows are wonderful! We lookin forward seeing you fucked in your pretty ass in your next show! You are THE BEST!

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