Catalina Cruz summertime blast have a beer and a hotdog

We all could use a good summertime vacation or break after this past year or more. I’m bringing you to you in my new Summertime Blast scene. Let me relax you in my tiny bikini and tennis skirt before we head outdoors. A naughty kitchen boy/girl video to start summer off just right. Here are some screenshots from the new video that is going up for members today.

I am packing up for my trip back home to Ohio to help a lot with family and visit. I will make sure to post photos here and on social media of my trip back to the buckeye state. It will be bittersweet but I need to go. Reminds all of us that time flies by and to make sure you also spend time with family as well as pursue your goals too.

Sending all my love and care!! I hope you all love the new scene!!! Love, Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz bikini in the kitchen

Catalina Cruz big tits in bikini

Catalina Cruz kitchen with beer

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Catalina Cruz riding hotdog in kitchen

Catalina Cruz summertime fucking in kitchen

5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz summertime blast have a beer and a hotdog

  1. FanCC

    New stuff please. Thanks for all, but new acts would be great. Any chances to see you with other guys…

  2. Kartow22

    I think she’s slowly leaving the porn scene. There are no new projects announced. only solo shows or acts with her husband. There is no more variety in the program. She had fantastic blowbang scenes. Her few ir actions were also great.

  3. Snake Plisken

    Yeah, I also get the feeling that Catalina might be taking a step back, and not only because of the pandemic. But remember, she only did solo and husband stuff for a long time before she started to slut things up with those amazing blowbangs, interracial and dp scenes. I’m greatful that she did, but I’m also glad that she seems to go her own way and just do stuff that makes her happy.

  4. Sergio Konokowski

    May be “Webmaster” hast more informations about her plans in the next future…….. All in all it seems, that she is not open for new stuff actually.

  5. FanCC

    She is definitely taking a step back, all though I hope for new porn action with this wonderful lady soon.

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