Catalina Cruz Lustful Kitten is ready to play and cum with you

I am home now from my family trip back to Ohio. It was an emotional one. It felt so good to visit and help my family. I miss family and friends but I DO NOT miss the weather. I can leave that there. I hope to go back very soon. If I can pass anything on to anyone out there reading my blog is 100% life is so so short. People say it all the time but truly it is and I feel like we don’t realize as we live it especially when we are young and into so many things and goals so love the ones you care for and make every moment count as often as you can or when you can.

I am gearing up to spoil you all with tons of new videos. I am releasing “Lustful Kitten” for members soon and it is on my ManyVids clip store too. I also shot “Intimate POV” that is a very intimate point of view HD, cyber sex video I think you will really enjoy.

Here are some screenshots from Lustful Kitten. I am so purrring for you!! I need pets and lots of love and I will give it back. I love to rub, pet and purr.

I am on cam this Saturday!!! Come see me live! LOVE YOU!! Love, Catalina Cruz

2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Lustful Kitten is ready to play and cum with you

  1. Jerry

    Sorry Cat, but I wish to see you cum with a real BBC…any chance to have hope….?

  2. miguel

    one more try, Hello Catalina hi brandon, thanks for your live shows great content eldemany vids will come to the page ?? Lately we do not know if there will be more special events, apparently not, it would be good if you told us in a chat of your live shows that there will be no more and we will not hope, in fact I will not ask about special announcements, it would not make sense to do so, We love you very much and we will respect your decision, we already got here because not to continue a little more, we are your fans and we are unconditional, just say so many of us your fans wait for some special announcement or some spoiler, but still nothing you just have to announce it in your shows , although the truth I keep a hope of a special announcement soon

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