Catalina Cruz set to play live on cam with Ashley Fires for a pin up themed show

I have always been kind of obsessed with different time eras. I love to learn about history, it was always one of my favorite classes in school. So, I tend to bring my love for history into my live themed sex cam events. I love pin up, the clothes, hair and the sensuality and playfulness of it. I love to tease to please. So, in honor of my love for pin up, I will be doing a special live XXX cam show with Ashley Fires January 24, 2017 @ 7pm EST. It is a threesome sex show. I have already met Ashley. She showed up with a flower in her hair and her hair wwas styled from the 1940’s. I think I fell in love. She is so feminine and sweet. I can’t wait to kiss and play with her. You will be able to watch is live. If you can’t make it, all of my shows are archived in full.

Things are starting to calm down now from the holidays. I am starting to take down all my decorations which is kind of sad but I am spring/summer girl at heart. So, I cannot for the heat and bikinis. I just love it hot! It will start early here in Arizona. I’ll keep you warm where you need it if you are dealing with cold and snow for awhile:)

My last live cam show has just been added to my members area if you missed it. I did a show on New Years Eve. I did a cum countdown for you! 🙂 My next live show is this Saturday, January 7, 2017 @ 12pm Noon EST – Boy/Girl XXX Show + Chat

Hope to have you as a member this new year! See you inside!

Love, Catalina Cruz

2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz set to play live on cam with Ashley Fires for a pin up themed show

  1. Honky12

    catalinas one of the sexiest stars ever and still is one of the best performers she looks sexier than ever .. please shoot more anal! …black cocks….???

  2. Gold.Aga

    Catalina is the most beautiful and hottest pornstar out there. An absolute stunner.

    But, indeed, black cocks are so far deeply missed. Just the imaginary picture of a well-endowed black stud taking Catalina from behind and her riding him, gives me an instant boner. Now imagine, it would cross over from the realm of fantasy into reality. Probably would be jerking off for days on end.

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