Catalina Cruz happy new year 2017

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Happy New Year!!!! There is something about this new year that has me smiling. 2017 here we come! I haven’t quite felt this way before but I’m truly looking forward to what is to come. I always try to look forward instead of look back.

I will take a little stroll down memory lane though with all the live special cam events and shows I did this past year for members of my site. When I look back, I see how many memories we made, laughs and how very kinky I was. There were many 1st times for me. Thank you for all the awesome performers I got to work with this past year who made me comfortable, made the days/nights enjoyable and played with me. The guys I had live with me were so sweet. Being live on cam is not as easy as people think it is. Here is a screen shot of all the shows I did for this past year that are all archived if you missed when you join.

Thank you to all of you that decided to take the plunge this year and join my site! One of my New Years resolutions is to keep you entertained even more this year with virtual reality and getting even kinkier. January will start with sweet & sexy Ashley Fires being live with me and a very special sex scene with the gorgeous porn star Mercedes Cerrera. All releasing this month for 2017! I also will have my solo weekly live chats as well. If you haven’t joined my site just yet, make this year it! The only way I keep going is with your support. You will be nice and relaxed for 2017! :):)

My goals for this years are to live, laugh and love more. It seems simple but do we really? I want to do more traveling to a few places I haven’t been. I also no matter what need to go visit my brother and his family soon this year. Sometimes we get so caught up in business or other goals that we put things that are truly important on the back burner. I have some personal goals too like to get involved in mental health more. Whether is it donating my time to a hotline or in some other way. I just want to be a better person as we all do:)

Those are my thoughts for this New Year! I wish you all the very, very best. Don’t settle, look ahead and do all the things you want or need to do now. Don’t wait:) Love to you! XoXo Catalina Cruz

4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz happy new year 2017

  1. Dolomiti

    Happy new year, Catalina! As for 2017, an Interracial scene with a black male talent would be hyper!

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