One thing you learn to do in the adult business

One thing you learn to do in the adult business is adapt to changes quickly or at least learn to accept them and move on and keep working. For example on set when you are shooting scenes and there are girls or guys that do not show up for their scene and then we are scrambling to get another person on set within that same day. I have heard this from the biggest and smallest companies so it happens to the best of them. I get e-mails quite often from people that want to know what the hell goes on behind the scenes. One could write a book just on that topic alone. The bloopers of a hot girl masturbating then falling off of a chair to the guy who hit his head on a lamp above him while jerking off. Then, you have the drama of girls that may not care too much for each other in their personal life and you need to keep them separated so no argument starts up. It’s an adventure every single time. For the most part, it is smooth and sexy those are the best times and days when you get a sex scene so hot that even the makeup artist wants to join in or everyone drops what they are doing and just stares at the two beautiful people getting it on and you can just feel the sexual tension rising in the room. It feels like an all out orgy is about the happen. Well, at least it does for me sometimes. I get very hot and turned on. It’s been a crazy day today so I thought I would blog about my behind the scene thoughts.

Those are some behind the scene secrets… now for some bedroom secrets…the photo I posted above is a sample of a brand new steamy bedroom set added for you today. Pink galore shots for you in this set. Clear and up close and personal!! I give you some lovin’ in the bedroom:) Check them out when you are horny.

Have a relaxing night!! Dream well! xoxo~ Catalina Cruz

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