I am so happy to be alive and home after riding

I am so happy to be alive and home after riding the roller coasters at Six Flags. Especially Tatsu! If you get a chance to ride it you have to. My palms were sweating as the ride came to a stop and usually I don’t get that nervous on rides. I love California but I give you all kudos if you live there and deal with that traffic on a daily basis. My God! How do you deal with that nightmare everyday! I am so happy to live here in AZ, I’ll take the HOT summers in a heartbeat over that. I like just being a hop, skip and jump away if I need to be.

I’m lining up some new Licensed to Blow students this coming July. I am looking forward to getting together with one of my favorite male porn stars, Will Powers. Needless to say he is laid back from all those very special cigarettes. He is so funny and entertaining so I’m really looking forward to seeing his cock get smoked:)

I added my live cam show from last week to the archived cam section for you to watch again or for the first time. I am your live tivo porn machine!

Here are a couple more behind the scene photos from my last photo shoot. All of the explicit ones will be going live inside the members area this week. Check my schedule for my next live cam show. Hope you can make it!

Stay cool in the heat, relax and watch some porn on your pc:)

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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