Good Morning! It’s a little after 9am.

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Good Morning! It’s a little after 9am. I’ve been up since 6:30 though. My days have been starting pretty early. Sometimes I am up at 5:30am because I have ideas or things that I want to get done.

Yesterday was a productive day, I did some video editing for It was a threesome scene. The girls really got into it towards the middle. I got really excited watching it which a lot of times I don’t because I am focusing and it’s a technical job but this one got me this time. It’s nice to see when woman let loose and actual enjoy the sex and aren’t just going through the motions to get paid. It makes the scenes so much hotter!

There are so many exciting things going on but I have to keep my mouth shut until I know it’s safe to open. It’s hard to do though but I don’t want to jinx myself. I will tell all when I can so stay tuned.

I am going shopping today not for clothes or girlie things but to Best Buy for another computer and office supplies. Hopefully I can make a quick detour to the mall. *wink*

Until next time!



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