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The good thing about having a bad moment or day is there is always another moment and tomorrow. I’d consider myself a laid back type of girl, a little sensitive and definitely have a wild side or I wouldn’t dare be having sex live for the world to see me all the time. Speaking of which, here are some screen shots from my last intimate live show. No glam this show just me being me. Anyway, I still don’t understand or maybe I do & refuse to believe how cruel human beings sometimes are to one another. I have tweeted this before… Ego is the biggest enemy of humans. I think that no matter how successful you become, or how powerful you think you may be there is a difference in being honest with someone and just being outright rude especially when this is someone that you have spent a lot of money on and hired throughout several years and trusted completely. I wont get into too much detail but we are currently looking for talented photographer so if you think you have what it takes and would like to send samples of your work feel free to send me your portfolio and/or samples. I know there are many talented photographers out there that would love a shot and make very good money doing so. Serious inquiries only please. Confidence required without the ego We will treat you the same. xo


Catalina Cruz

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