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It’s an important day…. I must beat my mom in our fantasy football league we have. We have been tied for 1st place in the league and then last week it happened she got ahead of me by one game. We are very competitive in this, she will actually call me sarcastically to tell me to have a great day knowing it is football Sunday:)

Here are my picks for today’s and Monday nights games, (* is the team I chose to win, not might be my personal favs but I think will win):

*Dallas vs Tampa Bay

*Washington vs Detroit

*Buffalo vs Miami

*New England vs St. Louis

*San Diego vs New Orleans

*NYJ vs Kansas City

*Philadelphia vs Atlanta

*Carolina vs Arizona

*Baltimore vs Oakland

*Jacksonville vs Cleveland

*Houston vs Cincinnati

Pittsburgh vs *NYG

*San Francisco vs Seattle

*Tennessee vs Indianapolis

I just added some new personal candid photos from my last on set shoot in my members area. My next live cam show will be Wednesday, October 29th. See you then!!!


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