Hardcore photos and video of my fun with pornstar, Gina Lynn.

Hi!!!! I’ve been keeping very busy lately but never too busy to come say hi and tell you whats new. I should let you know my computer crashed totally and I lost my hard drive. The good news is it is not one of the main computers where so much data is stored, the bad news is I lost my e-mails. So, if you recently e-mailed me please do e-mail me again. There were quite a few people I was meaning to write back so if I don’t write back please write me. I took another computer from our office so I am up and running again. It’s the beauty of working online for years, there are computers just about everywhere.

I had a really great time with many of you during my last live cam show even though it was a solo show boy did I get myself feeling good! I am always surprised when I do daytime shows still how many viewers come in to watch and chat. Thanks for making time to get off with me. lol

Coming soon this month is my explicit hardcore photos and video of my fun with pornstar, Gina Lynn. Here is a few photos above of us two naughty girls together actually right before we got pulled over by the police. The good stuff will be for you members only:):) Her oral skills are priceless, I’m telling you!

Have a really great rest of the week. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


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