Catalina Cruz answers her top questions from Twitter

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I get through email, on my members cam and on twitter below. I wanted to take the time to answer with my thoughtsโ€ฆ

How can a guy like me get into porn?
First, I will say tell you I must get asked this question just about daily. If you are doing it just to get laid, most likely not the best idea. It is much harder than men realize to get hard and stay hard in a room full of people or on front of a camera. You also need to get tested for stds/hiv every 14 to 30 days depending on what the company requires which usually it is paid by the talent themselves which comes out of what your income is. If you are completely serious, the best idea is to submit yourself to an adult industry agent or just simple find a contact for a company and submit yourself. Yes, porn sets can be a good time and you get to have sex but much more responsibility comes with being talent than people realize.

Do you ever meet fans?
Yes, I have met fans before at adult industry expos and in everyday life too when I am out. If I am with adults and it is appropriate, I have always welcomed someone approaching me to say hi. Without people watching me, then there is nothing. I have had some instances where people were yelling my name and I was with minors. I just will ignore you and basically walk really fast. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do spend a lot of time in Vegas so that would be a perfect time and place.

Will we see you in scenes with more men?
People are noticing that I am now doing scenes with other men now along with Brandon. Yes, you will see more of this in the near future. The fans have spoken and I am having a blast with it on my own terms.

Will you be at AVN this year?
For the past few years or more, I have gone over there usually the night of the red carpet and over to the bar area of where the show is being held, The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I just like to go and hang out and talk to people. I have been enjoying being a spectator and having it be less stressful and a good time more than anything. I will let members/fans know about what time I’ll be over there if you’d like to say hi.

Who is your favorite performer that you have worked with?
It would be a much shorter list to just tell you who I haven’t enjoyed working with. My list of favorite performers is very long. I can’t even remember a time lately where I didn’t like someone or had an issue. I have been very lucky to have had some amazing experiences. To be fair though with this question, I enjoyed working with Valentina Nappi recently. She goes on my favorite list for sure.

Do you do anal and do you enjoy it?
Yes, I have done anal live cam shows for members of my site. I use to not like it because I wasn’t relaxing my muscles and very tense. Now, I am enjoying it and can have orgasms from anal sex. Foreplay and practice are key. ๐Ÿ™‚

Is the stunt cock your husband?/Are you married?
Yes and yes. I have been married a long time. Shocking, I know. Needless to say, it is an open marriage sexually. It is definitely not for everyone, but it has worked for us. We work together everyday and sometimes we want to kill each other but we don’t cause that would be illegal. lol (Line from “What Happens in Vegas”) So, please don’t think we really want to murder each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am super lucky to have such a sweet and hard working man in my life.

Are your orgasms real?
I get mad inside if I don’t have a orgasm. I love the feeling and can’t wait for the next so yes my orgasms are real.

Will you work for this or that company other than your own?
No, I have come this far on my own and plan on keeping it this way. I never dreamed I would be able to do this and I am so very grateful that I can do this on my own terms. Even after I am done in front of the camera, I will always be around running my own adult websites.

Xo Catalina Cruz

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18 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz answers her top questions from Twitter

  1. Rick

    Agreed! I love seeing her fuck more men! It’s so hot!! I want an outdoor beach/ tropical DP scene with 3 buff and attractive looking men on her so badly! Keep fucking more men!! Such a turn-on!

  2. Chrissy T.M.

    Agreed too! I also love to see her acting with more men. She is so a beautiful woman. what I would like to see is a horny bukkake party with a lot of attractive men jerking off on her nice face!

  3. White Island City

    I agree with all the comments! I hope Catalina will remain with us for a long time. She is sooo a wonderful woman! It is great to hear from her that she will do new scenes with other men in THE NEAR FUTURE! She should be pampered by two athletic, good looking young guys who are licking on her sweet pussy and on her little nice tight ass.In gratitude for this , they may subsequently jizz their warm cum into her open wonderful blowmouth…I think Catalina likes the taste of sperm!?

  4. Ur fan

    Thank you MRS CRUZ for all your great performances in the past , now and in the future!you’re the best!

  5. Chicken W.

    Thanks for all the comments here! I agree with a lot of opinions. I think she never will do a dp! But that’s o.k. Her shows are very special- always!

  6. M-Eay

    This beauty should do more blowbangs having up to 10 men. I prefer cum swallowing but nice cumhots on her pretty smiling face would not be a bad idea! Imagine her nice face covered in cum!

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  8. Trrnt

    Hi Cat. Recently I’ve seen pics of you on websites saying you are escorting here in Vegas. My girlfriend and I are hoping it’s really you so our fantasy threesome may occur but have our doubts. Is it ??

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