Catalina Cruz stockings and high heels obsession pictures

These photos were from my day with Valentina Nappi. A day I’ll always remember. One thing I love about what I do is meeting so many different people from all over the world that I would of never met otherwise. Valentina is from Italy so I got a little lesson in speaking Italian. I know some since my ex’s family was from Italy but I will never turn down a culture and language lesson from a gorgeous girl with a beautiful accent and by the way that I had a threesome with that is up in the members area as I type this. Anyway, these kinky photos are now up for members to see. My photos that I shoot always spark a memory of the day that they were shot. I get asked sometimes if I ever have any regrets about being in porn and when I look back and now, I don’t because of the experiences and great people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Not all are good people but for the most part, I can say most are and I would never want to change that.

Xo Catalina Cruz

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5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz stockings and high heels obsession pictures

  1. bb

    hopefully she makes soon experiences with some big black cocks….it seems that she likes to meet” so many different people”…

  2. LOOKY

    A face bukkake would be the perfect for her gorgeous face, hope she will do these kind of scenes soon

  3. @Gummi_Bear40

    I am fascinated with this blog Cat. I have always been way too shy and way too uncomfortable in my own skin to ever even consider being a model or be in this type of I found a boring old normal job lol. I commend you and am glad to have you as a twitter pal. (sorry, i put my username in the last post, not my twitter handle..there) lol

  4. ger

    amazingly hot!! after all these years she’s still my number ONE!! always good to see new pics of this awesome woman!!! I still think she is one of the hottest stars ever!!!

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