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This weekend was a strong reminder to appreciate every single day and moment with everyone you cross paths with. I attended a motocross benefit for a young rider that passed away on Saturday and then on Sunday went to his celebration of life where we watched videos of him and released butterflies in his memory. I debated whether to post this on my blog since it is an adult blog but it is weighing heavily on my mind.

When things like this happen it reminds and teaches me to come out of my bubble and say things to people that you want to say so you don’t have a regret of never saying it or not getting to know someone until it is too late. Take risks and chances and treat people the way you want to be treated. One quality that this young rider had to me with just a few interactions I had with him was that he wasn’t judgemental which is a rare quality for such a young person to have which he learned from his parents. I wish there were more people like this.

So, in the family’s honor if we see a butterfly, think of motocross and I hope we all think of these qualities.

XoXo Catalina Cruz

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1 thought on “Catalina Cruz appreciate every single day

  1. mike

    so sorry to hear that news,your so sweet to honor him,
    your beautiful to do this for him and family ,really adore your sweet heart ,jen-catalina.

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