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Social media and the news has been filled with the recent news of a beautiful girl beaten brutally by her boyfrend. I won’t call her a pornstar because to me it clearly doesn’t matter. If it was a receptionist, teacher, dancer, we wouldn’t be giving that person a name with what they do for a living. This is where the judgement has to stop. The titles of almost every story says “pornstar” and to me that is blaming the victim that with what she does for a living or her behavior called for her to be beaten. It is also ashame to see so many women in and out of adult arguing back and forth on social media. It is a time where no matter what petty issues you have with anyone else doesn’t matter when something like this happens. It should be a girl power time, but that’s just me.

One more thought on this too is please for the love of whatever god or higher power you believe in or for the love of porn if you ever have violent thoughts or can’t handle your angry just leave the house or where ever you are. Don’t abuse your loved one. All it takes is to simply walk out the door, that is it. Then you save a life possibly and yourself from a huge mess and a tragedy. I use to be in a relationship years back that was extremely abusive. I was beaten with the club that you use to put on a car to prevent it from getting stolen. I know what it is like to have bones broken and a face that needs a lot of healing so please just simply leave when you are angry. True love shouldn’t hurt that badly.

I know its not a light blog but I needed to get my thoughts out and on.

On a happier and hornier note, here are some glam teaser photos from my newest set that just went up. I’ll be live tomorrow at 2pm est for members and then afterwards I’ll be having a members appreciation session too. Also, August 23rd is my live kinky anal sex show:) Hope to see you all there!

Catalina Cruz

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