Catalina Cruz World Mental Health Day

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It is #WorldMentalHealthDay today on social media. I’m happy that more attention is getting put on how important our mental health is. It hits close to home as many of my family members in the past going back to as far as my great Grandfather struggled. He committed suicide which I didn’t know until I was older because along the way so much shame was put on other family members because it just was something everyone kept quiet about and didn’t want to talk about.

I have struggled myself throughout my life especially when I was a preteen and teenager. I grew up in an alcoholic home where it was still functioning but hidden. I did end up in the hospital multiple times because I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was what they called the “scapegoat”. This is the first time I am actually writing about this publicly besides what I have written inside my members area. It is difficult even after all these years to tell others that I had to get help and was in a mental health unit. There is still shame that comes with it. I feel like people see you as weak if you admit it but the main reason I am writing this blog is to let you all know if you are struggling in life, you are not alone and you are strong for getting help. It is the right thing to do and it helped me tremendously and I still use what I learned then now in my daily life. So, I send you love, strength and empower you to get the help you need. Reach out to someone you trust and go for it. You are so worth it! Love, Catalina Cruz

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