Catalina Cruz Halloween Fantasy Outfits And Roleplay

I’ve loved to pretend as a young girl and still today I love it! Halloween is no different for me to put on fantasy outfits and roleplay a character and be maybe something other than what we are or maybe bring out a side we wish to explore.

This year I loved being a Spartan Queen or love Goddess. Whatever you desire to call it. I felt empowered, sexy and ready to take anything on. I did two spicy sex videos in my toga outfit. I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I did making them for you. Here are some screenshots from the boy/girl.

They are now inside and inside my OF too.

“Freedom isn’t free at all, that it comes with the highest of costs. The cost of blood.” – Queen Gorgo

Love, Catalina Cruz

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15 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Halloween Fantasy Outfits And Roleplay

  1. sergio

    Sorry Baby, but this perfect body, perfect face, perfect tits should show more porn action ….BBC, Bukkake, Gangbangs, Blowbangs….PLEASE….

  2. Scottie

    I think she is ready to take on the requests of her fans, it is time for her long-awaited IR GANG BANG, we wait attentively for her moment, I think it is close, hopefully before December, it would be a great Christmas gift,

  3. 23GO

    Super cute!She always performs with great energy.Her mouth’s perfect for sucking on cock. Should do blowbang shows with an increasing number of men. BBC blowbang would be great

  4. Luca

    keep dreaming. I think you would have to offer a lot of money for her to do IR or bukkake, blowbangs. A lucrative deal with Brazzers? But maybe her time is up?

  5. Jason

    Pretty good idea! How about a fan bukkake? $250 per cock. Twenty guys in an hour, that’s easy money…..O.k. the suggestion is too crazy…nevertheless I hope for one last gangbang show

  6. Steven P

    A scene with this incredible dress where she’s a Spartan queen and her servant with a BBC fucks her while the king is away!! Please!!!

  7. Steven P

    Her new tits are the best I’ve ever seen. It would truly be a tragedy not to see them in action with new actors, in gangbangs, IR etc I’m sure male talent would be hard as hell for her new tits (on top of her gorgeous beauty and amazing personality). They’d probably shoot so much load. I know I would

  8. Scottie

    So many gang bang requests, what if we make a deal? for each gang bang scene she records, she tips 50 or more, and for each guy on scene with her 100 usd, December is not here yet, there is time to gather the dream team of black cocks, only she can do it, we await an answer her or manager.

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