Special live event Catalina Cruz halloween dp anal worship October 31, 2015

The Big Bad Wolf is coming!! I heard he likes anal too! Come watch me live from my naughty picnic October 31st at 2pm est. Start your Halloween with tricks & treats. All my special live cam events are free to members. xoxo Catalina Cruz

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4 thoughts on “Special live event Catalina Cruz halloween dp anal worship October 31, 2015

  1. Rob

    Did I read that right? DP?? Fuck yes!!!!Please God, tell me this is happening!!! I love how you are fucking more men!! It’s such a turn-on!! The more men you fuck, the more I want you!! Please make sure you are fully nude, and can you please cuss like a sailor in this show!! I want you to get fucked in a DP, but have the dirty mouth of a Jenna Haze as well!

  2. Miguel

    Catalina big step, and I received my answer on twitter but what you’re doing is very interesting, I’d ask you to do it with a different guy 1 vs 1 a show hardcore but with kisses and everything, I do not dislike Brandon instead I really like her, but I hope to see you at a show well before the end of the year, from then on we expect the most out of you and know that you are very capable. Thanks for being so spectacular Cata love you much

  3. Alex Jones

    Is this ‘real’ DP with 2 dicks? Or is it just 1 dick and a toy? I would LOVE to see you with multiple dicks, preferably one or more for each hole, so hopefully this is a good start

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