Catalina Cruz cosplay fun for Halloween as a naughty cat

Many people call me Cat, short for Catalina so of course I went with being a cat for my Halloween live sex party. I loved being a sex kitten and begging for treats. My live blowbang show was a blast literally and will be going up in the members area soon in full for members if you happened to miss coming to the show. Kylie received her Licensed to Blow at the very end of the show because it was her very first blowbang ever. She is girl who loves to get messy and wild but you wouldn’t think that about her when meeting her. We are alike that way. It is most likely the quiet, shy ones that have a sexual, wild child side. I hope you love watching and enjoying the show as much as we did doing it. I think you will.

Thank you if you recently joined my site or are a current member, you keep me going and online!!! 🙂 I appreciate all of you so very much!

Love, Catalina Cruz

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