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I went to my other office today to do some boring filing, listen to phone messages and pick up some mail. I always get a kick out of the messages some people leave! I was then suppose to make a stop at the gym for a quick workout since I have been faithfully going just about everyday but it didn’t happen. This is how the late morning ended up….

Driving home quickly in horny heat because Brandon and I were ready to have some bedroom fun. Working on all of Sandra Romain’s anal videos and photos for a long time has really taken my sex drive to another level. I don’t think I will ever get bored of working in the sex industry. A lot of people get numb to it after years of working in it. So, needless to say I got my morning workout in between the sheets. I got some double penetration action too which was a suprise and a welcoming one. We broke out one of my favorite toys to get me hot and ready for some kinky ass play. I got worked up enough and aroused to have some wild, anal sex and had an intense orgasm too! It was a nice morning. We built up an appetite and then went out for a nice lunch.

Now, I am back to working again. I am managing to still be productive even with that sex/lunch break so I am a very happy girl today 🙂

Look for a threesome video and photoset to go up either later today or tomorrow morning. Also, my whole last live cam show is now archived if you missed it or want to watch it again.

I am planning to put up some brand new audio clits (clips) tomorrow. They are sexy audio clips of me either telling a story, masturbating, talking dirty… etc. I know some of you have been waiting for more so make sure to check the whats new page for them.

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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1 thought on “Catalina Cruz Sex then Lunch

  1. fabio

    a catalina sei fantastica sexsi bona bona cio il cazzo duro appena ti vedo devi essere fottuta ogni giorno

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