Catalina Cruz Live Cam Show July 1st

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My legs seem to be sore lately on a daily basis. I have been in the gym regularly and hitting my legs hard. Today I climbed forty floors on the stairmaster, then jumped on the treadmill and walked uphill plus a light weight workout. Ugh! I’d seriously would just love to be eating everything I want instead of being at the gym. I want a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I am a chubby chic at heart, I admit it. I do cheat though, uh… quite a bit:)

My next live cam show is scheduled for Tuesday, July 1st at 9pm est. I had to make it for after this weekend because I will be going up north in AZ for the weekend. I am so looking forward to it being a bit cooler. It still will be hot just not 113. Next week we have a shoot going on in LA with pornstar Carmella Bing and Penthouse Pet/Glamour model Aria Giavonni. Aria will be shooting a sexy cigar video ad for one of our business friends and of course Carmella will be getting kinky and dirty for They will be at the same location yet not shooting together…. although the image in my mind is pretty damn hot! I fantasize probrably more than you horny men.

Ok… now I am getting the urge to do a TMZ move on you all. My little devil horns are about to pop up right now. There is a lot of good positive people in the adult industry which I have the pleasure of calling some of them my friends and love to hang out with them. Then there is the other side, it can be very ugly and unreal. Let’s say you help make someone a regular monthly income which they get every two weeks and business grows quickly within an eight month period to where they are making an income of a doctor or nurse salary compared to before with their last company they made no where near what you could do for them. Then, greediness sets in and it’s not enough and you get phone calls crying that they this person cannot pay their bills and their debt exceeds what they are making. Is that the company’s fault? Pure insanity but I guess that is what kind of thinking you get when drugs and mental issues and living beyond your means come into play. I am so grateful for my life and I think it is so fucking disgusting when greed comes into play when we aren’t curing lives, we are having sex for a living and making a wonderful living off of it for god sakes people!! I am deep down a peace maker and don’t like to gossip and fight but certain things get under my skin so much and I am just plain sick of keeping my mouth shut.


OK…:) lol…Enjoy my brand new photoset that just went up today in my members area. It’s called “Whats For Dinner”. It’s a glamour artsy set with some spread eagle shots. Something a bit different.

Hope to see you at my next live cam show!

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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