Catalina Cruz Live Cam Show July 11th

I am back from Vegas and was crowned Lady Luck while I was there:) I went to the UFC fight and bet on Forrest Griffin and he won the fight being the underdog, the odds maker picked Rampage, which means if you bet say $1000, you got $3000 back. It was a great five round fight!! My heart was pounding during the fight and my nerves on edge before hand. I rarely bet on fights so it was an adventure.

I just added a brand new video of myself getting very naughty so when you have a chance to slip in a quickie please enter my members area:) Friday is my next live cam show at 10pm est. I hope you can make it if you are staying in for the night. If not, this one will for sure be archived.

This week is a busy one, tons of birthdays to celebrate and lots of work to get done too. I do get a chance to see my girlfriend for lunch tomorrow though. Looking forward to it.

I have gotten some pretty sweet e-mails lately from you guys over my site and all of the sites that you get access to. I love hearing from you and it really makes my day and keeps me wanting to spoil you. Thanks for the positive feedback and love!!! I’ve gotten a little behind in my responses so please know I read all of them and will write back asap. Here is just one part of an e-mail recently that made my day…

” I really love the way you interact with the fans,you’re not at all like the others because others wouldn’t interact with the fans like you do plus I’m kinda hoping that you don’t get upset because I emailed you because others wouldn’t like the idea of people emailing them. I understand that what you do ain’t a job at all? I respect that! I really don’t have a request of what I would like to see because you’ve already succeeded in everything that I want to see which is & hopefully this line ain’t cheesy but You’re Very Very beautiful,you’re a superb interactor with the fans & I think that you’re the first adult film star to say that this ain’t just a job for you.”

I really love interacting with you all, I don’t ever want to take any of this for granted. I don’t ever regret being an internet porn actress, it makes my life a daily adventure and I am having fun and enjoying life. I meet a ton of interesting people from all over the world too. So, thanks for the e-mails and love again!

See you Friday night hopefully!

xoxoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

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