Catalina Cruz Strip Tease

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I am sipping on an iced vanilla coffee right now as I work. I am starting to get jittery as I always do when I have coffee so I will be a little more hyper than usual for now which is good because I have a ton to get done still. I left for California last Thursday. My shoot went smooth and I was a naughty girl. One of the videos we shot is already live in the members area this afternoon. It’s an explicit strip tease with lots of teasing to make you crazy. I’ve gotten quite a few requests for more of this. I can understand why too, I love a good build up when I am horny. It certainly makes my orgasms more intense! Towards the end of the day, sexy Cuban pornstar Lela Star stopped by. Damn, she is incredibly sexy and oh so petite. I love when I meet girls that are tiny boned and short like me. It was a great ending to a sexy day!

I flew into LA and then drove back with Brandon to AZ on the way back since he was already there. I really don’t like to drive far distances, after four/five hours I get so antsy but we make the best of it minus getting pulled over in the HOV lane in California. We didn’t know you couldn’t have a trailer attached to the SUV in that lane. He had dirt bikes with him. The officer was really a sweetheart and let us go. I still had on my pretty porn makeup from my shoot so maybe that helped:) hehe

It is so good to be home now!!

I am off now to eat dinner and take a dip in the pool tonight. It’s getting extremely hot already here, this is the barely any clothes time of year, I love it:):)

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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